Bereavement Support Certification

Our Bereavement Support Certification assists birth workers and other practitioners with the tools needed to support families through pregnancy and other types of loss.

This course assist students in working with pregnancy loss, other types of loss and how to professionally support families in loss scenarios.

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Birth Arts International Doula Certification Program- Online

As a Doula you can have the exceptional privilege of sharing the unique journey the woman takes when she has a baby. You as a a doula offer her education, phyiscal and emotional support for her as she embarks on her birth journey.

As a Birth Arts International Doula you know that you will also have a confident knowledge base, improved assurance and an incredible support network of experiences, trainer and student support. Birth Arts Doula Training and Certification explores the physical, scientific and spiritual aspects of birth and being a doula.

Course Cost: $400.00

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All enrollments are final.

This program is for already certified doulas, or experienced doulas who want to re-certify as Birth Arts International professionals. You need to hold a valid certification from another recognized doula training organization or show you are an active practicing doula.Students have one year to complete the re-certification process.

Course Cost:$300.00

Students will complete a modified Birth Arts International training program that fits the students skills into the Birth Arts International program. Students who are interested should contact Demetria Clark directly via email, and submit a resume and list of education programs and experiences completed. This way we can work with you in mapping a program for catered to your specific needs.

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Postpartum Doulas can choose to operate as only postpartum practitioners or in combination with a labor support doula practice.

The use of a postpartum doula for clients can:

  • Increased chance of breastfeeding successfully.
  • Increased earlier bonding with mother and the whole family unit.
  • A reduced amount of maternal postpartum depression and shorter duration and easier for the mother to cope with it if it occurs
  • Less maternal exhaustion, frustration, trepidation, and anxiety during early weeks. Reduction in unnecessary calls to pediatricians.

Course Cost: $400.00

All enrollments are final.

Obtains your Breastfeeding Educator Certification. BECs work locally educating and assisting mothers with breastfeeding and breastfeeding issues.

Add this wonderful service to your postpartum and doula certifications.

Earning your Breastfeeding Educator Certification and assist women to breastfeed and nourish their infant with confidence and pride!

The purpose of the Birth Arts International Breastfeeding Educator Certification is to provide childbirth professionals, such as doulas, postpartum doulas, childbirth educators, midwives, nurses, monitrices, and community support workers comprehensive training in breastfeeding education. When the student completes the Breastfeeding Educator Certification program they will be qualified to teach, support, and educate the public on breastfeeding and related issues and policies.


All enrollments are final.